not many - scribe

Te rog, așteaptă...

yeah! yeah! and no one like me.
yeah! yeah! yeah!
congratulations, we made it, welcome to the crusader, it’s been a long time commin’ yo!
but i’m here now, so what you wanna do, how many dudes you really know, can flow, like this, like this, like this, let’s do it…

uh, how many dudes you know roll like this,
how many dudes you know flow like this,
not many, if any,
not many, if any,
how many dudes you know who got the skills to go in and roarck,
a show like this, uh uh, uh uh,
i don’t know anybody.

check, check to the mic check, a 1, 2 from a crew commin’ thought, are you hyped yet?
nowadays everybody wanna talk, like they got something on scribe, you ain’t got nothing but a moment alive,
you can’t front, when you’re feellin’ the vibe, you know scribe is takin’ you high (high),
love it with the double b-ss, vibrate, shook the place, in your vertebrate, you hit a man,
move like a rs, subaru, with a crew, come a equipped, like a body kit, lyrically i burn quick, so one foot is in the style,
thought his tongue like a steel fish, this kid named x, from vic, wanna get, with scribe, in live, like a 0-5, i got vibe,
like a beehive, and when the mother from the squid of a pimp, of the sea side, and get you on the way that we ride, round
town in the down low, never know, what the flow, bro, chop chop, can’t stop hip hop, ’cause it don’t stop hmm check it
(there’s) check it out (no) check it out… (one) check it out… (like me)

[chorus x2]

something’ for the ride on cruse control, when the b-ss vibrates, shook the hives like a earthquake, thought this is not good
for you, you made a great mistake, your eyes stop and bomp be gone, sick of this, flick the switch, nitrous, kick wanna trip
this is some new sh-t, real deal, like cody field, you know telling if you rock like mike or just might…
roarck! like doubie drop, doubie drop tight, t-club get it on, represent all night, take flight, like nike kicks with tricks and make quick,
when the brad pit and don’t sit just get on down and profound with sound that we found with the underground, don’t sit just
get on down and profound with the sound we found with the underground…

[chorus x2]

next time you come on down to north canterbury, it’s all good, it’s all good when come down to my hood and come to south
canterbury, it’s all good uh uh, it’s all good when you come down to my hood and come to east canterbury, it’s all good
yeah, it’s all good when you come down to my hood and go to west canterbury, it’s all good yeah, it’s all good up in my neck
of da woodsahh…

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