versuri the light between us - scouting for girls

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the light between us

there’s too much light between us, and i’m trying to mind the gap.
i’d do anything to fix us, not just paper up the cracks.
sliding doors are closing; did i let you get away?
there’s light in this tunnel, but i think it’s a train.

missing our connection; something on the track
it’s me tied down begging, for you to come right back.
i don’t mean forever, cause endlessly will do
i don’t care when you get here, just as long as its soon

and now you’re gone,
with bad goodbyes, i realize,
i was stupid. i was wrong.

something’s missing in my heart,
it’s the bit where you are,
i need you back,
please please mind the gap.

i don’t know where to start,
never been this far apart.
i need you back
please, please mind the gap,

and i’m sleeping on the platform, cause i missed my last train,
you’re the girl i’d do that for, do it every single day.
meet me at the station, underneath the clock,
i’ll never give up waiting, cause you’re my last stop.

the light between us grows and grows and grows

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