versuri 05 - scientiphika

Te rog, așteaptă...


cassette tapes strung out, wife beaters when the suns out, on pavement we run routes, throw that bullet don’t lob it, in curtis corner projects heads bobbing to mike jacksons thriller, triple ogs striking matches to light the grill up, on sticky chicken get filled up then wash it down with a huggy, an older cousin learnt me chess on a stone bench, i’m hoping i could stay over again but tommorows a school day, moms saying “hurry up and get ya shoes laced, before we miss this bus” but it was too late and now we gotta hitch a ride, on the highway the hooptie caught fire, puffy coat attire, its after 12 and i’m not even tired, sitting on a tire drinking my saliva, thinking we should’ve stayed put, just another page out my book of life, before my auntie took a life and all was lively, turning back ya time peice is the last artifact of the 90s, classic by default, rapping in a bulk, bringing that whack ish to a halt

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