big dogg status - scarface

Te rog, așteaptă...

ho! it’s young ‘face, slanging yay everyday
heavyweight, got a bad b-tch in every state
on the grind non-stop till i touch this cake
mark -ss n-ggas stay the f-ck up out my way
i’m a true og, you can quote what i say
i’m an h-town n-gga from around the way
southside, ridin’ dirty like i’m ugk
-ssh0l- by nature like my name was trae
and i don’t g-ngb-ng, i patrol the game
and what i’m representing here is putting holes in brains
before i say the same thing i’ll be old and grey
‘fore i fall off and rap about my clothes and chains
gripping grain and popping trunks, dog but that ain’t me
these elbows hit the scene back in eighty-three
i stay street, when it’s done, that’s that
you could find me in your hood pumping monster crack
i roll over rodents in rovers with rims on ’em
sniffing out a rat i expose him and then dome him
a lot of n-gga’s b-tches, they claim that they ogs
a straight up p-ssy and claims that he knows me
you see i, putting out these dvds
now my sh-t done hit the streets, he gots to squat the pee
got the feds on his team so they watching me
mousetrap for a rat, p-ssy watch and see

[hook – scarface] + {utp}
i’ve been straight {for a long time}
getting cake {for a long time}
e&j {for a long time}
n-gga {try to get like this!}
i’ve been a g {for a long time}
in the street {for a long time}
toting heat {for a long time}
n-gga {try to get like this!}
{i got big dog status} -8x-

hey i’m they fave
they say pressure busts pipes, but i ain’t scared
it’s my pleasure to tell it right, don’t think i ain’t said
cause they got prices on my head homie, i don’t slip
clips long as giraffe necks, that’s why i don’t trip
just open up and let it rip, ain’t nothing new to a g
hey i ain’t worried about these n-ggas till they shooting at me
my partner died, daughter too, give excuses to me
still a buster -ss rapper i’m refusing to be
scarface seem to say i’m the king, you a fool if you think
there’s another young new rapper dude out there cooler than me (haha)
i cruise in the v, brand new with the beat
i live a real life like i say i do in the beat
yo, true indeed, i do indeed
do it for the og’s and the true mc’s
them busters say this year i got brand new and it’s all phat
cut that fighting in the club, i’m done with all that
n-gga -ss out of line, well his -ss getting wet
give a west side n-gga ten stacks, that’s that
oh, or maybe less as a matter of fact
n-gga be testing the professor, what’s the matter with cats?


[lil wayne]
i’ve been doing this sh-t, n-gga who are you?
lil n-gga, i done seen keys bigger than you
lil n-gga, you ain’t know sh-t
cut off a n-gga head, make him suck his own d-ck
how the game go? money over b-tches and flowers over snitches
money over b-tches and flowers over snitches
mr., mr. scarface, pistols into y’all face
mr., mr. scarface, pistols into y’all face

i came here to exercise my game
spread love to the hood is how i do my thang
smoking weed with my homies, barbeque them w-ngs
sip hennesey and c0ke cause i don’t f-ck with drank
don’t pop pills either cause that sh-t ain’t cool
we just drunk a mad dog ‘fore we went to school
fl!ck off, back then i was smashing boys
jump wrong, you saw a n-gga get his -ss destroyed
same rules right now, i demand respect
and if i slapped one ho, then her man was next
i’m a kick door robber, a hot-shot driver
a crack rock slanging motherf-cker for a dollar
if it’s a dare to be made, then i’m finna make it
but if it ain’t no way, then believe i’m finna take it
cause a n-gga with no hustle, it ain’t worth this g
and a b-tch like this is even worse than that
i’ve been good at bullsh-tting but this game can cost
and if a n-gga can’t maintain, mayne he lost
he a nerd, and they f-ck nerds in jail i heard
and as a n-gga, i come in here with my b-lls and my word


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