versuri the story of now - rusty reid

Te rog, așteaptă...

wander through the saga of the world
all the way back to when time began
eons play with clouds of starry swirls
long before the age of man
then appeared an orb of blue and white
nestled in the family of ra
baby earth and luna shining bright
a masterpiece of nature’s laws

let me tell you a tale
it’s the story of why
it’s the story of sp-ce and time
it’s the story of life
it’s the story of earth
it’s the story of how
it’s the story of you and me
it’s the story of now

in her water womb our mother earth
synthesized the first stir of life
two thousand million years before the birth
of any higher archetype
so unfurled the chain of all our kin
from moss and trees and fish and frogs and birds
every earthling clad in nature’s skin
our common genes a tangled blur


shimmering across a lost horizon
a little band came down from the trees
out on to the plains under the bright sun
and eventually beyond the sea

the human story soars romantically
intrepid souls determined to survive
so too we fall in sin so selfishly
thwarting our best chance to thrive
the universe does not give guarantees
just a shot at finding happiness
now we should know the secret and the key
love should be the north star of our quest


copyright 2019 rio paso music (bmi)

- versuri rusty reid

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