versuri 0 to 100/paper hearts - russell!

Te rog, așteaptă...

[verse 1]
working hard man that’s why i’m on my chill sh-t
still on that rap to pay my bills sh-t
better than that salary you deal with
believe me, it’s richvale gang off the rip
that’s the sh-t i really call a come up
flow insane off the chain like nunchucks
up all night, ambition till the sun up
i don’t really give a f-ck but i could make her shut the f-ck up
god d-mn, i’ve been up longer than v–gr- on a dude who tried to overdose
leave a hater comatose
u.s currency just got my pockets looking yoshi though
like holy bro, i’m trying to cop that rolls and just go holy ghost
fold a couple tees, make a couple g’s
and i know these hoes don’t f-ck for free
so ain’t none for me
i’m yellow in a black industry, yea i b-mblebee
that dude who saves his money to be put into a family tree
ain’t no money like show money b-tch
use to play an open mic and make no money b-tch
fans f-ck with the music and they buy it in the stores
if they f-ck with me, then i’m making hoe money b-tch (get it)
guess i sold my soul for my p-ssion hoe
you just said your better b-tch don’t play me like a casio
i don’t even drive a car, i pulled up in a taxi looking flashy with low budget and i still came out with maxim hoes
put your bars in motion b-tch i’m lotion to your ashy flows
make a hater trip, got my overdose on acid flow
i practice yo, got my dream for rap like your an athlete flow
my heart is on that arctic trip but didn’t pack a jacket flow
d-mn, my momma didn’t raise a b-tch
if you’re unaware then that’s something that you’ll hate to miss
flow high gray like a harvard grad asian kid
haters be my gift and curse, why? cause they make me sick
that’s motivation, you got your girl up on a leash that’s domestication
just watch until i give her mouth to mouth resuscitation
and she went up and down the d-ck call it elevation
i’m suv boy but that don’t really mean escalator
that’s suited up vicious, my abbreviation
trying to make enough cash so i can leave the game and chill with kendall jenner on an island free and naked
and i ain’t f-cking playing
to many t.o. kids on the twitter nuts
see me up on real life and all their talk is in the dust
say it to my face, i ain’t hood that’s some real sh-t
start it up, i’m going zero to a hundred real quick, real quick

yea, still on my rap to pay the bill sh-t
but it’s better than that salary you deal with
believe me x2
zero to hundred b-tch real quick, real quick
real quick on my independent deal sh-t
0 to 100 homie real quick

[verse 2]
and everybody tell me where your head at
i couldn’t tell you more or less it’s where the breads at
and every ex that brought me down i had to dead that
it’s work that i need to do, like why pay for these others when the only one to feed is you
it’s hard to be selfish but don’t take me as an evil dude
i was never fake but i could see your trues
we them dudes flyer than whoever boss up if i don’t know you well
on the verge of spilling beans with secrets i don’t hope to tell
i’ll send you boys to holy h-ll
smoke my knowledge, don’t inhale
had you tell me that i go nowhere if you ain’t hold me down
but at look at me, i’m shining hoe
still i rock a casio but i’ma buy a rollie at the right time
get it, whiskey on the rocks, man they ask me where the arizona
i had to tell them that things change a lot when you grow up
now clear the smoke clouds, see the person i be
if you dont know, then you know now, what
been wanting to apologize to suss lately
but it’s looking like our schedules don’t match well
the cities wondering what’s happened to russ lately
he skipped the bullsh-t and took it took it to the next level
like i remember, there was this chick named amanda that called me ugly in the eight grade, i couldn’t stand it
insecurities spill, years later sh-t has been real
like where the h-ll is she now, where i am?
chasing a mil and still the city wants to talk
about how i try to be drizzy
like you trying to sound like him, nah i’m trying to sound like a city
i’m trying to sound like a kid that you use to make fun of so loud, that use to pay to play but now look at me play these shows out
and they say pryde where’s your next step
i couldn’t tell you really
and you still messaging me hoping that i’ll make it baby
rip my heart like that sh-t was made of paper, southside

spending all my days on the northside girl
forgetting who i was on the other side

- versuri russell

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