a view to save - rufio

Te rog, așteaptă...

see her move
with the slight of a dress i am fixed on you
let me in, i need more than a taste
’cause a glimpse won’t do
so watch, feel my eyes caress every movement
if you only knew what you put me through

kill the lights
hiding nothing we’ll intertwine
pressing on till the sun arrives
shedding light on a view to save
over and over you pull me in with conviction
you pull me in, i’m caught

like a drug, so addictive
at first that you can’t ignore
feel you pace, through my veins without a trace
how i crave for more
i’m slipping away tonight
i’ve become so mesmerized
i’m burning up inside

you’re the face of my addiction
i can’t hide these good intentions inside

you’re the spark igniting my desire
and i’m burning up with a touch

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