versuri '03 stratus - ronnie rage

Te rog, așteaptă...

offa the rip
imma rob if you skimp
imma shark you a shrimp
diamonds are water i swim
f-ckin that bih til she walk w a limp
i never call her again
i’m goin straight for the chip
ronnie be ballin to win
i don’t need anymore friends
n0body safe on my end
i’m tryna run up the bands
f-ck an advance
i’m running sh-t
bro clappin back with the strap on attack
he comin straight for ya head
i’m posted up in the back with the pack sippin a gallon of henn
i’m poppin out in my vans
hoes all in my pants
day and night i’m chasin gwap
you sleepin off them xans
snitching on yo mans
boy you ain’t no boss
follow g code that’s law
these p-ssy n-ggas so soft
shoutout to weezy, they softer than leather
she only suckin on me if i let her
why i be playin i need neck like sweater
but if it’s weak i just hit and forget her
hoes of a feather be flockin together
dress to impress it no matter the weather
red w the black, my swagger is checkered
off of the henny, i spin like a record
i’m diggin deep for pleasure
shorty g string is leopard
i wanna squeeze her better
give her that d-ck and then roll up my weed
she need to tease me better
i let a hoe do what she please
mary gon treats me better
i need the cheese, the cheddar
i got her fiji wetter
i need the cheese, the feta
get the f-ck outta my face


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