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elevatas - robin thicke

Te rog, așteaptă...

(feat. kid cudi)

oh doctor, what are you doing?
doctor, oh my!


[kid cudi]
na na na na na, na na na na na, woah woah
oh no, done did it
kid cudder
move in the game like that, rockstar
none other, cleveland representer
i inter galactic
playing eight b-lls with a goon in a pool hall
and i got a little jar in my pocket
baby girl on all my b-lls trying to hold it all
lot of girls crazy you know they want a b-m of it
i feel damaged f-ck it, who doesn’t
tou show me somebody i show you a liar
show me his n-gg-s and i show you a whiner
no no no, we don’t need no lighters
get liquor for the balance the balance
never get trees so i climb to the atmos
see this is exactly what happens
when girls in the room and -sses and -sses

[robin thicke]
come take a ride these elevators in my mind
taking you up to floors you’d never thought you’d find
i’m at your front door, i need an encore
please let me in, let me in, let me in

i can’t stop it, drop it, leave it alone,
i cant use it, abuse it,
it’s taking my soul,
i cant stop it,
off the ledge now, (stop it)
i’m off the edge now (stop it)
i’m in the air now (stop it)
i can’t stop falling

i’m fallin’ fallin’,
and i’m moving so fast i might never go back,
and i’m fallin’ fallin’,
don’t you give up on me,
i keep calling for you, calling for you

baby (baby) baby (baby)
i said baby (baby)
i said baby (baby)
i said baby (baby)
baby (baby)
baby (baby)
baby (baby)


thinking about what am i doing with myself,
my guilty pleasures have been out weighing my good health

(stop it) i’m running bad lies
(stop it) i’m on the wrong side
(stop it) its after midnight
(stop it) its after midnight


feels like i’m all alive, feels like another why
feels like i’m gonna die, (whoa!)
feels like i’m going crazy, (whoa!)
i just cant let it go,
i just can’t get control,
i keep holding onto you,
please baby don’t let go now!


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