soul (and me.) - robbie arroyo

Te rog, așteaptă...

[verse 1]
after everything’s been said
i go to reach across the bed
and if i’m by myself again
i think that i’ll just let it be when
the sunrise shows that all my dreams
have yet to be reality
i thought you were right next to me
but it was just my shadow’s company
the pillow will cushion the blow
and i know i should let it go
so let me be alone tonight
i’ll catch the longing, make it right
and tomorrow be out of my sight
left upon a thousand lights…


[verse 2]
and i should know that nothing’s gonna change
but ignorance is kinder to this game
there’s a whirlwind in the air
a jetstream of a yearning stare
i know you’ll choose to leave it there
and act as if you’ve never cared
but is that true?

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