versuri circus show (welcome to the massacre) - rickee stylez

Te rog, așteaptă...

blessed be the sensei
stimulating his membrane
dammit,this man is manished-dont panic,botanics in flames.
inhale that fire in h-ll
no saint allowed to send mail
grab a pen just to pin tails,
threatening to steal your intel
facts are sent false for false starts to throw your defense off
ironic how that iron make tires move to an exhaust
exhausted solving problems we probably should’ve used pemdas
method meth in the addict and acid added for improv
no joke my lyrics dope and your bumping it (mmhmm)
got your mammy dancing to it while humming it (mmhmm)
and your granny jamming to it on sundays like (mmhmm)
the tune is stuck in her head early sunday morning,she mourning
its alarming how i k!ll all these rappers so easy
all them n-ggas in my hood gonna see me on tv
living large- i found it odd how they still dont believe me
i ain’t trippin,trip and fall on the d-ck of rikishi-f-ck it!
f-ckin horrific how rickee’s lyrics is rigid, explicit-splittin the screen you see while dividing yo vision
envisioning a diversion between the teams in the game but it seems to be strange how you could be seen in different divisions
you dont get it though rickee incredible flow i’m ineligible to be writing illegible criminal records while wreckin records of veterans as the youngest texas resident reppin the regiment 4 of ridgemont, i still come…
out of the cut with no bandages leaving damages people panicking,prancing through mansions-they hoping manson dont leave em a charlie’s angel abandoned in sp-ce stranded
taking up sp-ce standing all over the place ranting
i’m chilling planning to make millions while my rep is expanding like my vocab, without the help of college-my knowledge on music will allow checks to land on deposits
watch me walk in waldorf like d-mn,when the checks landed on the ‘posites?
i got you foaming out the mouth and sh-t
cause i’m from the south an its obvious that my style is an outcast casting out body bags
with more than two bars -that’s an overdose causing cardiac arrest
a rest is needed i guess
you best be leavin a mess
for the rest who think they can test
my rappin sk!lls may god bless
they silly hearts though-
i’m militant minded also,rocking my camo cargos
steppin inside tomorrows shadows foreshadowing futures overshadowing ya lost souls-
welcome to the m-ssacre(x4)
(got d-mn n-ggers dont know how to act)

- versuri rickee stylez

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