versuri 0 to 100 remix - regino

Te rog, așteaptă...

[verse: regino]

my parables and paragraphs are parallel to paranoia
i’m paranoid but apparently i’ve prepared for ya’
i could body your style and write a metaphor for ya’
but bodying your style that would just bore ya’
your crew comes off the top i’ll take all of your heads b-tch
i don’t beat around the bush i take a hacksaw to the hedges
i never cut corners so i’m rough around the edges
i keep f-cking every beat up b-tch i go raw dog
and keep saying sh-t that turns heads and makes jaws drop
but you still give these pretty little b-tches all props
knowing d-mn well i can k!ll these f-ggots on spot
without any detail just the jist of what i just jot
a mill for every rapper that asked me to ghost write their sh-t
i wouldn’t have to work another day as long as i live
they’re just along for the ride like they’re ghost riding the whip
so i’m feeling underrated
saying i’m above you motherf-ckers is an under statement
i’m better than your favorite rapper, there’s another statement
it’s concrete like getting choke slammed on the f-cking pavement
chasing my dreams like inception
no time off or time outs for the time i’ve invested
my times not over but over times in the question
challenge to take advantage of the talent that i’m blessed with
the apocalyptic weapon that i haven’t yet to flex with
xxl freshman should rethink their profession
they go about as hard as dysfunctional erections
they go 0 to 100 in the wrong f-cking direction
i go hard as catching medusa in a dead stare
f-ck going 0 to 100 it’s about how fast you get there

- versuri regino

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