the girl i knew - reckless kelly

Te rog, așteaptă...

well, i don’t talk much to strangers
‘cause there’s no good news anymore
but you sure seemed glad to see me
when you knocked on my front door
surprise surprise you’ve opened your eyes
you’ve changed your wicked ways
but that’s the same good news you told me yesterday

so, tell me who am i talking to
everything seems fine for the moment
but, i never know what i’m getting into
and, you make your lies seem true
you come and steal my heart with your wild eyes shining
then you smile as you break it in two
what did you do with the girl i knew

well, the girl i knew looked a lot like you
but she don’t come around these days
she caught my eye then she blew my mind
in a thousand different ways
just say goodbye and don’t act like i don’t know
what you’ve got up your sleeve
another same old story that you once had me believe


what did you do with the girl i knew [x2]

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