versuri as the sun fell on summer - reach the sky

Te rog, așteaptă...

i always knew that this day would come
when i would see you again, the pain would reappear
when i turned that corner and saw that you were standing there
i held back my tears
its funny to be here by myself wishing you were here
next to me because all i did when you were here
was wish you would leave me alone
this has got to be the last time that
i wish someone would go away since i always end up
wishing that they were right here back in my arms
it’s funny to be here by myself
wish you would leave me alone
and i guess i got my wish
as the sun begins to fall into the horizon and escape my grasp
i can only regret that i pushed you away
and i know you can’t hear me crying but
i’m longing to hold you one more time
this was the longest summer of my life
the sun kept burning into my eyes and
when i had the strength to blink
i avoided seeing you smile

- versuri reach the sky

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