versuri 06.30.2002 - raptureofficial02

Te rog, așteaptă...

[verse 1]

sometimes i wonder if my parents wish that they could’ve aborted me/ to be a better man, everybody’s been forcin’ me/ i can’t, sorry i don’t meet expectations/ i’m waiting ’til i make it but i’m growing so impatient/ i don’t have those voices that you’d wanna hear/ i’m not the type of person you’d want near/ i’m just a stupid kid destined for no love/ even rappin’, for me, has been becoming no fun


[verse 2]

it’s no wonder why i cry so often/ been f-ckin’ weak, every week i toss and/ turn, i should’ve died in the womb/ should’ve died june 30th, 2002/ i should keep to myself, shut the f-ck up for good/ i wanna end it all and they all know that i would/ i annoy everybody, i’m no good for this place/ i wish i could escape, never leaving a trace/ tell my family i love ’em, tell my girl she’s the one/i’m so tired of living, swear to god that i’m done/ i’m tired of everybody making me a fool and/ always feel regret when i get near june’s end/ maybe when i leave they’ll be happy/ maybe when i leave they’ll be clapping/ i hope the day i’m gone that they’ll be proud/ ’cause i’m tired of being the person n0body wants around

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