what do i do - raekwon

Te rog, așteaptă...

“what do i do”

test the waters b, stop playing man

(what do i do?)
when the cream is pile’n, crib on the island, just be style’n
(what do i do?)
when the feds is on me, pawn separating, my b-tch want me
(what do i do?)
when them n-gg-s is tell’n,
aint built for jail and they nail’n me
(what do i do?)
i just jet off and sail,
aint no time to be fail’n

what’s up n-gg-s, what’s the deal, you know the half yo
bubble bath, crude style, check out my laugh yo
all this money in the back of the tub
i reminisce yo when black was a cub
mad money, honeys around, pop’n onies, all hoodies and hard bottoms
smoking big reefers, the god got it
slide to the table, cable drip, hang to my navel
the feds in the building for nagle
forty-five we skate’n, debate’n if we hit’n up nathan’s
catch me with a spanish __
average n-gg-, you crazy
to f-ck with my wolves is bullsh-t, them little guns is for daises
we got the t.i. joints
you violate the crew the clip gone dump on the stage
and everybody’s contagious, and when them shots fly off
it’s just a recipe for chef and his cake mix


ayo, i tell you i love you
but that’s what it means to me
more precious then silver
more precious then diamond rings
i really feel that i, that i, that i could kill you

ayo, the belt holders, dutch masters l blowers
champion hood, fly a-r, the stainless gazelle soldiers
yeah we pumping them boulders, cop’n them gold rovers
every show chevy with no shoulders
that means doors that fold up, the team gleams
more cobras, graveyard rings, just old stuff
and then we told ya, ayo
you running round cake’n off eating healthy my tholdier
yeah this is the scroll what, so roll up
and let my party people n-gg-s be grown up, and sho nuff


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