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trapped in the closet (chapter 16) - r kelly

Te rog, așteaptă...

trapped in the closet (chapter 16)

“mmm… [blows smoke]
i see.” sylvester looks up at twan
and says, “congratulations, man, it looks like you done went
and had yourself a little t.”
twan says, “naw, naw, naw. [chuckle]
this girl is trippin’, g.”
tina says, “trippin’?!” roxanne says,
then twan says, “girl,

with your lyin’ -ss, tell me, how do you know–”
“t–” “that that baby belonged to me?!”
then out of nowhere, tina’s eye start blinkin’ real fast
and she says to twan,
“how do i know, twan?”
sylvester say, “are you ok?” “how do i know?!”
then roxanne says, “girl, i told you his -ss was gonna deny this sh-t
when he saw you. let’s go.”

sylvester says, “wait a minute.” twan says, “bye.”
sylvester says, “twan.” “sh-t, see you.”
they both paused, turned around, tina looked at twan and says,
“in court, motherf-cker, wouldn’t wanna be you!”
sylvester says, “twan! ladies, please.
wait a minute. don’t go yet.” twan say, “they need to learn some respect.”
i say, “twan.” he says, “holla.”
roxanne say, “n-gg-, she gonna holla at that child support check.”

sylvester’s saying, “n-body goin’ nowhere.
now, y’all resolve this so we can put this sh-t in the past.”
roxanne say, “cool. we’ll talk to you,
but we ain’t got sh-t to say to his old, shrek-lookin’ -ss.”
t say, “man, who this fever-blister-lookin’ b-tch
think she talkin’ to?”
“t–” she says, “you, motherf-cker!” i said, “d-mn, baby, calm down!”
roxanne says, “what?! what you gonna do?!”

tina starts to blink her eye again
but this time, even faster than before
and the she cries out real loud and says,
“i can’t take this sh-t no more!”
then sylvester asks roxanne, “what’s wrong with your girl’s eye?
it’s like it keep flinchin’.”
she say, “a year ago, a pimp hit her in the eye,
and ever since then, she’s got this nervous condition.”

then twan develops a soft spot and says,
“sylvester, come here and let me holla.”
twan pulls him to the side and says, “man, what you think?”
he says, “what you mean?” he says, “am i that baby’s father?”
then sylvester says, “i don’t know. it’s hard to tell,
especially when you was in the pen.
but there’s one thing i do believe and that is,
is that the b-tch didn’t turn you in.”

then twan start walkin’ around, sayin’, “man, i don’t know.
a n-gg- feelin’ kinda strange.”
then sylvester says, “gwen told me, dawg,
that you was thinkin’ about makin’ a change.”
roxanne yell out, “i gotta lock this place up,
and y’all two got to go.”
sylvester say, “what time do this place close?” she says, “80 points is gone.”
he says, “well, act like it’s a quarter to four!”

then he says, “talk to the girl, twan.
it might be what you need.”
twan says, “a family man? me?!
man, i’m too deep in these streets!”
sylvester said, “man, that’s exactly my point.
this sh-t will settle you down.
you need to get up off of that bullsh-t
and go holla at that girl right now.”

roxanne lookin’ crazy, i’m like, “go.”
twan say, “sylvester, man–” i’m like, “go.”
then roxanne moves closer to tina
twan give me five and then says, “f-ck it, yo.”
then he steps to tina and says,
“tina, you wanna work this out?”
then roxanne tongue-kissed tina dead in her mouth
and says to twan, “i’m f-ckin’ her now…”

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