versuri 07.30.2018, woah - r good

Te rog, așteaptă...


wok hard work hard wok hard wok hard
and i feel it, and the vodka
and the pr-ne, ready the markup
on the web, peta parka
in the cut wit the bag bag bag
hollow tip make a n-gga move, fast fast fast
the b-tch in the vroom, trynnan smash smash smash
hottest n-gga in the loci and thats fax fax fax
undercover with the ricks, the kicks don’t even match the fit
ya girl suck my dix, and u kissed on the lips
these thots need the fix, we finna tase inna lyft
we gone inna pinch, cut my n-gga she with the sh-ts
these b-tches with the white
betty crocker for the night
the soft got em right
plugged em for the right price
and my n-ggas finna lurk em
no square in my circle
n-ggas really f-ckin urkels
touch my gang and ima hurt you
now ain’t that the virtue
slow death ,past the curfew
and im the best f-cking rapper
you not infront cuz i ova laped ya
you coming up casper
best pray for the rapture
ima word spitting dragon
lungs burnt from the rapping
im dancing n im sagging
n im booming n im bappin
she parkin that wagon
but im gone like aladdin
in the desert like osama
with left like obama
gin0bli with the blocka
waka waka wit the flockka
b-tches tryana get knocked up
tryna trap the babby fatha
go and get ya life up
but it look like they robbed ya
now look what i’ve done
i’ve inspired my sons
to rap ova beats
i should rertirter my lungs
finnesse 21 like my name timmy dunkin my n-gga
i graduated tho i was flunking my n-gga
they told me i would be f-cking nothing my n-gga
stick to sports, u 6’3” for a reason my n-gga
n-ggas fiction, flexing, no got a pot to p-ss in
they don’t want to listen , ya bust down not glissin
even kids know, smith n wessin is the blessin
protect ya self, get ya money. get ya -ss the weapon
bout 4 in the lexus
no including the driver
pressed for time, middle seat
tryna drive off
n these hoes playin games
kick em at the red light yeah
last time i seen them, that night yuh
she in off white and she off white
and she half hite , so she won’t bite
thread count on max, my jeans take flight
its the summer again. so im the summerkniiight
it in the night
in the mid night
lets take fight
lets f-cking get light
lets take the first right
lets fade on sight
lots get high as a kite
drinking miller lite
f-cked the b-tch ooo i might
n im going off the dome
n im going off the mic

yeh yeah woah woah

- versuri r good

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