versuri 0-100 - quilly

Te rog, așteaptă...

[intro: quilly]
oh, this that 0 to 100?
(turn me up a lil’ bit)

[bridge: quilly]

f-ck bein on some chill sh-t
i just made a couple thousand from a pill flip

[verse 1: quilly]

came home, got everybody on their quill sh-t
i go 0 to a 100 on em; real quick
he hot in philly, can he really blow? c4
i go 0 to 100 like a g4
first of all, i don’t f-ck wit n-gg-s’
i feel like donald sterling; might chill wit a couple n-gg-s’
when was it cool to be a weirdo? man, w-ssup wit n-gg-s’?
i’m blockin’ calls like these b-tches and be done wit n-gg-s’
you the type to blow my high and i’m not high
i be instagram ready when i’m not fly
you ain’t a k!lla lil homie, you a cop spy
you be shootin’ in the air like a pop fly
make me sn-tch a n-gg- chain and go 50 on em
n-gg-s’ still be lookin’ shy wit that glizzy on em
i put that work in; 9 to 5, i get busy on em
you might see me; ferragamo or that fendi on em
in the court, she turned to minnie and you mickey on em
goofy sh-t, i’m k!llin’ sh-t, them out of towners turn me up like
“who is this?”
aw man, is that n-gg- from the east side
after i hit, she get the deuces like a peace sign
2,500 pills in the nissan
any unknown caller, gettin’ declined
dam, 800 for the denim
i already cut the gr-ss, i’m just watchin’ for the venom
they say “quilly hot, why he keep catchin’ cases”
i got smokers h-ttin’ rocks, makin’ stevie j faces
rappers ain’t f-ckin’ wit me and they know it’s real
i go 0 to 100; tyson//holyfield
call the cops me, i go rodney king on you
try to swing on me, i’ma pull that thing on, ring on you
i should win a grammy for the sh-t i give em lately
cookin’ up; chef ramsey, in the kitchen wit it baby
i’m on my lil reese; 300 drill sh-t
you better hope the cops come for you real quick
i’ll have some ahki’s bang on like olajuwon
shoot you in your cross, you won’t make it p-ss ramadan
oh lord! i really know my worth
everybody want a feature but they can’t afford the verse
you ain’t even war ready cuz you can’t afford a he-rs-
even when my phone dead, it be poppin’ like the first

[verse 2: kur]

i’m on some new sh-t, i ain’t dissin’ n-gg-s’
spent your rent money on my denim n-gg-
stop fraudin, that ain’t balmains
you went to south street, who is you kiddin’ n-gg-?
treat my sister like a princess n-gg-
and treat these b-tches just like b-tches n-gg-
the only way i’m showin’ up to any party
if you let me come in wit my pistol n-gg-
tell me what’s the issue n-gg-?
f-ck you tryna get into n-gg-?
pop so many percs like i got back problems
had these b-tches thinkin’ i was cripple n-gg-
i treat all my b-tches like a auction n-gg-
let my n-gg-s’ bid, then i off em n-gg-
i tell (?) to pick up all my b-tches
if she ain’t f-ckin’ then she walkin’ n-gg-
what the f-ck you n-gg-s’ talkin n-gg-?
b-tches tell me i’m so awesome n-gg-
i’m the same kur who couldn’t wash his -ss
now i buy that sh-t, f-ck what it cost me n-gg-
a lot of n-gg-s’ rappin and it’s pointless
n-body f-ckin’ wit me, can’t beat me then join me
you know i’m smoother than an ointment
want a verse? make an appointment
none of these rappers is my equal n-gg-
that’s why they keep askin’ for features n-gg-
ya’ll need me, i don’t need your n-gg-s
(?) i can’t wait until they free you n-gg-
why you grillin’? fix your d-mn face
n-gg-s’ telllin’ lies and it sounds great
scared i’m gonna put you in a f-ckin’ song
come on b-tch, i’m done with pound cakes

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