versuri 06.mug - punchlinelord

Te rog, așteaptă...


no worries,just issues.kiss on the cheek,side quiet,or silent.eating girls,food addition
i’m sorry for not feeling drive me crazy,s-x drive.lines so sick they need a doctor,dr dre.i’m fly,twitter logo.smoke weed in court,now it’s a high court.that old news,so i break it,breaking news

hit your face,hit the face,mug
take my cup,drink my beer,mug
i attack,i attack,mug,mug,mug

verse 2
mood lower,then gravity.put hatters on the side,side effect.i’m so high,floorless.your girl,needs mending
my story have legs,so this is how it’s goes.rappers with fireb-lls in my mouth,hot lines.h-ll good morning,h-ll bad morning,h-llo bad morning,h-llo good morning,life doors i p-ss without a test,lord!


outro:mug,mug,mug,mug lord mmmm mmm

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