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fall, goliath, fall - project 86

Te rog, așteaptă...

fall, goliath, fall

take up arms, all you fallen oppressed
this is insurrection rising, mobilizing defense
it’s time, my brothers, beat your shovels to swords
it’s time, my friends, sound the siren for war!

can you smell it the air my brethren?
it ‘s the beautiful stench of reinvention
sharpen your axes, resurrect your hatchets
as we raise our chalices to fallen combatants
it’s time, my brothers, earn your stripes and your lashes
it’s time, my friends, light your hearts into action

with our backs to the wall
we’ll respond to the call
fall, goliath, fall, fall goliath
lift the head of the giant
to celebrate our defiance
fall goliath, fall, fall goliath

hold the line and
raise your claymores high
we fight
for a reason to die

the ghosts of our fathers beat drums by our sides
the trophies of the day: scalps and hides
we fight, not for the hate of a tyrant
we fight, because of love for what is behind us.

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