versuri victory speech - possessed (rhyme asylum)

Te rog, așteaptă...

admit your defeat as i deliver my victory speech
my pillow is a severed head that sings me to sleep
k!lling machine, mythical beast
my power makes superman seem more like christopher reeve
i’m a warrior of infinite chi
masterless samurai, using the opening in my wrist as a sheath
tribes ninjas hidden in trees
but the nightingale floor alerts me to all the k!llers and thieves
made god in the image of me
placing hexes on every bishop and priest, f-ck religious belief
under the desert’s blistering heat
i’m nailed to a post gritting my t–th
with vultures picking me clean
transmitting disease through a kiss on the cheek
hold no reservation in scalping an indian chief
behead the king and the queen
looting tutankhamun’s tomb in a get rich quick pyramid scheme

- versuri possessed rhyme asylum

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