versuri 01 intro - outzider

Te rog, așteaptă...


people are dumb by nature
i can’t afford a statue
thinking that life’s worthless
not everything’s about you
all i wanna do is dig deep tryna find the purpose
but i was just swimming on the surface
i went down, but i got back up again
coming up with something different to break through
follow the light, that was my famous sentence
no one ever witnessed the presence of a tremendous vengeance
two souls dancing a circus
spinning in circles, forgetting about their morals
but i was never afraid to show my real sidе
it’s time a knot and break it

( i made a limitation to my hеsitation
i’ll never think of stopping all these medications
all i wanna do’s another meditation
i never needed mirrors
an outzider in the inside and outside
a spider tryna make a web in the winter
a gun without a trigger
aiming high dreaming bigger ) x2

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