anywhere but here - original broadway cast of honeymoon in vegas

Te rog, așteaptă...

there’s a house in a mount kisco
that i saw from the train
when i went to my college reunion
it was sort of old fashioned
a little bit plain
but i saw there were swings in the yard
and i looked at that swing set
and without any warning
i was totally grieving
like a woman in mourning
and all that i wanted
was a house in mount kisco
with a rusty old swing set
for our baby to ride

somewhere in new york
winds are blowing
winter’s going into spring
everywhere you look
things are growing
anywhere but here
somewhere in new york
atoms splitting
lovers sitting on a swing
strange though it may seem
men committing
anywhere but here

and i’ve been patient
we’ve been dating
five years
no complaints from me
i’ve been quiet
i’ve been waiting
knowing like i know my name
that you and i are meant to be

and somewhere in new york
that would matter
that would make things crystal clear
any other life we’d be sitting
anywhere but here

look at them, on their way
marching arm and arm
ready for whatever lies in store
look at us, smart as h-ll
deep in love, doing well
still, you’ve got one foot out the door

don’t we deserve
don’t i deserve

‘cuz some days in new york
i’m inclined to change my mind
and disappear
one day in new york
you might find
you’ll look for me
and i will be
anywhere but here

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