versuri 0 - 100 - origin (rapper)

Te rog, așteaptă...

[verse: 1]
oh my, see me chilling out on both sides
oh why, do they make it to my bad side
i might, be one of the, the bad guys
so i, get up in it for a cash prize
no lie, i ain’t much for the shared ties
that’s right, you get strangled if we ever tie
know i, went from zero to a hundred times
woah i, can not see the finish line
so tight, compet-tion when i’m spittin rhymes
so fly, better buy myself an airline
fo i, get to jetting through them black skies
no light, like i’m in it for some black pride
bro i, am tryna make the big times
so i, i do it like i’m big sean
so bright, talking big screen cinemas
no try, when i just do it like the nike sign
check mine, wish you would like some white pines
i fight, just to come up with the best lines
no guy, ever really could contest mine
that’s why, i’m the g*nius with the best mind
sound bite, cuz most couldn’t taste mine
ive heard it through them grape vines
my life is like a ticking time bomb
ive gone 0-100 like a thousand times

0-100 like a thousand times
0-100 like a thousand times
thousand times out my mind
0-100 like a thousand times
0-100 like a thousand times
thousand times i ain’t lying
i kept it 100 with you all them times
0-100 like a thousand times
i’ve gone 0 – 100 – 1099 homie

[verse: 2]
don’t get me heated ima leave it simple plain
cuz i be with the fire yes i’m talking world trade
i give a head a start she blow back like a grenade
i tried to keep it smooth but i need my point made
see the writing on the wall won’t neglect my name
i push it to the limit yea i make it so extreme
til i’m riding on flats like a television screen
burning rubber in the street til i’m riding shiny things
i’m 0-100 bout as quick as you can think
please pay attention but remember talk is cheap
so someone’s gotta pay every single time i speak
i’m ready in an instant like your mamas cream of wheat
i only got a problem if you think you can compete
i came from the bottom but my life is not complete
you at sea level but i’m really briny deep
heavy is the head that support a widows peek
so i keep my life in line cuz i really like to breathe
i’ve reached the boiling point in celsius degrees
and i’m only getting hotter please trust me please believe
i’m living on the edge keep my scars on my sleeve
and i took all the pain no tylenol no aleeve
i’m living in the moment but i’m planning for some things
always gotta be prepared for the things that life can bring
say you got my number i call a bluff until it ring
i’m 0-100 plus i never watch my speed
just try to keep up you can never take the lead
pedal to the medal leave you in a scr-p heap
speed racer mach five you can whip the mach three

- versuri origin rapper

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