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so official - omg girlz

Te rog, așteaptă...

[beauty (intro)]
yea yea ya oh oohhhhhh

i’m feeling you in the worst way.
but this ain’t like me
i’m tryna keep the player but the game won’t freeze.
i’m most wanted like a louie!
stay up in a newie and baby like youie!
(yeah) i’ll see you when i wanna know that!
so fly you a winner and you know that! ohhhh!!!
think i might make you my boo. i’m choosing choosing you.

i’m digging your pretty boy swag all the girls like you cause you bad.
ohh so fly crazy with it don’t stop get it get it.
shawty where you at tryna holla cause you like like that (i like that)
i ain’t mad cause you the one boy yeah you the one boy yeahhh! uh-huh.

shawty so so official with it swagged up you w-ssup.
i don’t know what you do to me got me going crazyyy!!!!
my girls by like just forget it i’m not with it (i ain’t wit it) boy they don’t know what you do to me got me feeling things ooohhhh!!!

you be like you’re so official uh-huh you’re official ohhh!
yeeea yea yea yea!
shawty you be like so official uh-huh you’re official yeah yeah yeah so so official yeaa!!

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