versuri 02-d!rty - notoriousflowsa

Te rog, așteaptă...

hook- notoriousflowsa

you played my heart

like guitar

pulled all the strings yeah you tore it apart

lit up some sage

needed a cleanse

girl you


verse- notoriousflowsa

still the same me the she left in her past
say im an ass

maybe her ex but im still my own man

you that i blame and not me

why you think i ain’t calling

we was happy we was vibing

for you baby was a viking would go beast if they try me

but, you ruined

you showed me clearly that you is a b-tch

always tell truth that i didn’t have sh-t

though i had nothing still bought you a ring

don’t forget details when you in your feels

i loved you dearly and you were my queen

d-mn i was stupid was thinking of kids
didn’t know then

that all the love that you give is pretend

girl in end

i was a mess

you were so pretty and innocent then

still couldn’t leave you i thank you you left

you was a blessing theres lessons i learnt

grateful for love even if its pretend

uthi usang thanda love back uyangchela

she will not cheat all my sh-t uzoymela

said she’d do better

for her im the one

phuma sathane
back to streets i dont need you around

loook what what you done

k!lling my lungs

trynna fix pieces of heart that you broke

trynna make peace with my demon i toke

never at peace on the days i am broke

pass to my homies we give it and go

if you in sp-ce get us goal

gotta go harder than ever before

- versuri notoriousflowsa

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