versuri 01-bythekasi - notoriousflowsa

Te rog, așteaptă...


bro by the kasi im spending my day

refound my roots i am thankfull i’m saved

turns out the city had led me astray

trust in jah rasta to show me the way

verse 1

straight from ekasi

where you can get what want anyhow

sohambha ngey nyawo sibone iskhawu

we got the plug we cac chill break it down

sizoya kamini where we can sit down

noma yinini uyazi simnandi

ufuna okokphuza sodlula kmazandi

mawkuthi kanjani sizobheke nembula

thenge ne combo cause vele kyak duter

ohkay ohkay

this what i like

turn to a demon if the right

knew i had talent when i grabbed the mic

and spat the verses thats hidden inside
that made my teachers say my sh-t is fire

h-ll of time

to be alive

every morning calling the plug

i need a reload ain’t no running out

lately been working all morning and night
if usu flora sojika ikhona

call up the plug and just place us an order

line after line uzuphenduke isghora

zovuk ube moja the walk must go on

verse 2
i know theres haters thats cursing my soul

without a reason i know that hope

praying and wishing that i dont come close

to getting my dreams through the path that i chose

fell for the music loke baby j’adore

je dit encore

fell for the music like baby j’adore

it’s much more deeper that buying (out) a store

make sure your momma don’t stress anymore

pays no attention to tags she just ball

she goes in gets it and hops out the store

ohkay, ohkay

fame for dex

i want them cheques

phone buzzing i go collect

run it up spend it

gone in a sec

i hit the stage and then i make it back

can’t run it up you can miss me with that

too many free bees i did in the past

bowed to n-ggas that can’t even match

all that i did in the past

now if you want me i need me my bands

ain’t discussion if you talkin yens

pulled out my phone and she game he tens

said don’t ask nothing you pretty a f

got me buzzing getting me gassed

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