eddie, bruce and paul - nofx

Te rog, așteaptă...

what happened to bruce, eddie, and paul?
paul and eddie had it good
but paul loved his cocaine and eddie hated punks
so after a couple years
eddie broke it off with paul to look for a new man

paul got f-cked, f-cked by steve
eddie’s at the red lion looking for a new steed
searching for a beau who sings in falsetto

what happened to bruce, eddie, and paul?
what happened to eddie, paul, and bruce?
bruce and samson knew
eddie was looking for a long term, stable relationship
with paul no longer around,
bruce left samson for eddie cuz steve convinced him to

kudos to paul, f-ck you bruce
how you supposed to rock ‘n’ roll without substance abuse
number of the beast is in bed with rob and judas priest

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