touch your soul - no awk

Te rog, așteaptă...

bombs away i’m the one to blame
dropping on your head cause it’s my time to reign/rain
i take them back just to show them how the game changed
old school, 90s/9-d’s like a gang bang
my lane changed but i maintained my mainframe
i seen it all real way before the fame came
never complain, just focus on my aim
try not to make mistakes but i know one day it might happen again
like that one time, should i tell it, maybe hot
but she was crazy hot, these are just my daily thoughts/thots
okay now moving on, time to get back to this song
on the verge of blowing up they be like that boy duke is bomb
ironic, cause i’m fused with the music
i treat my baby right never use and abuse it
ain’t no question as to who is truest
duke is a nuisance, coming thru with the blueprints
not like jay-z but maybe he could just pay me
i’m sn-tching mics from these rappers like taking candy from babies
i might be poison like ivy, they’re feeling so blue
beyond saying (beyonce’ in) what you can conceive it but it’s so true
i swear to god i’m waiting on my breakthrough
popping like bottles these ducks after my grey goose
never mind what they do, put holes in them like beagles
i got the type of flow that’ll spin your top like a dreidel
so put ya sweats on homie this just the warm up
eating rappers leave them all blue like chicken cordon
forever i will stay ahead call me zordon
all i talk about is profit/prophet like imams reading the quran
my lines offensive all these haters getting scored on
you got beef? i already got my fork on
the table, i’m ready for another portion
i’m stable like what you put ya horse on
you get your porch on, i’m never frontin’ holmes (front in homes)
this bad boy made a band without puffy combs
ladies hitting the line, straight buzzing phones
go head, call i see em, but i’m loving dome
get it? coliseum, but i’m loving dome
i take ya chick, and seize her (caesar) like i’m running rome
i do this for those who’ve come and gone
plus i milk the game just toughen bones
i let the cal see em (calcium) like i’m busting chrome
man these lyrical bullets will straight touch your soul
straight touch your soul, touch your soul

- versuri no awk

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