without you - nizlopi

Te rog, așteaptă...

without you
my hands don’t know what to do…
without you
my love is a lost fool
without you
i’m wondering who
will love me when i’m so blue
without you
the song has no-one to sing to
without you
the leaves don’t know where to grow
without you
i have no home
and my lonely soul goes walking around the world
looking for something
without you

once i could love her like a dream
once i could know what i mean
now its all over so it seems
i am walking with my hands over my face

without you
all my teeth fall out
i’m decapitated
so the phone seems useless too
without you
i’m wondering who to give my heart to?
cos it’s alone and it’s not beating
all the insects over creeping
and my love lays softly weeping with the lonesome blues
without you

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