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hov lane - nicki minaj

Te rog, așteaptă...

hov lane

zippin, i’m zippin, i’m zippin
soon as they come out i’m dippin
big -ss closet, i’m trippin
big booty strippers, i’m tippin
big -ss chain, i’m heavy
and it didn’t cost me a penny
they pay me to rock it
d-mn, i got n-gg-z in pocket
superbowl; grammys
what a h-ll of a jammie!
all these b-tches my sons
i’ma get ’em a nanny
argentina for pepsi; orlando all-star
f-ck you said b-tch?; f-ck you, p-rn star
i don’t do shotgun, i be driving my own car
i don’t do shots neither, i’m buyin the whole bar
holy moley, g copped me a rolly
i ain’t catchin the puck
but iced out like a goalie n-gg-

[chorus: repeat 4x]
i’m in the hov lane, i’m in the hov lane
and you, y-you-you, y-you-you soul train

i travel more than you walkin with a basketball
i’m out in spain, runnin game to the matador
i’m in my own lane, you ain’t in my category
you like a rav 4, i’m like the aventador
birkin bags, man i merc them ads
when i re-up on “reloaded” i’ma hurt them bad
every shoot is hot, when i’m out i’m spotted
they gone frame the receipt if i sign the dotted
n-n-n-gg-z on banshees is speedin
dirt bikes is out for the season
back break wheelie and leanin
d-mn, a b-tch late for a meetin
n-n-nypd comin
bellbock way, we gunnin
double our engine hummin
actin a fool, we dumbin


[interlude: repeat 2x]
n-n-nintendo and we in the end-zone
i don’t give a f-ck hoe, like we in the friend zone
what the f-ck it look like? what the f-ck it’s h-ttin fo’?
tell them b-tches “y-y-y-y-you ain’t about that life!”

[sounds of motorcycles speeding by]


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