versuri 04 love song pt. 1 - nick andree

Te rog, așteaptă...

we  was in this for life, dont know what i can do without you
but  you left
and it got me real upset
but i did nothing wrong
but  im stuck here with this song
im  trynna call your phone
but you said leave me lone
yeah  i need you by my side
but you left me here to die
no im not trynna fight
just trynna say whats right
you  say you love me
i must be trippin
you say you miss me must not be listening
imma stay balling gonna keep dribbling
my head is spinning
my heart is wrinkling
but you left me
and that is what is true
i just need one clue
just tell me what to do

(aj bm verse)
i know this hard for you
cause in the past in broke your heart in two
girl theres nothing wrong with you
and i feel that theres nothing more worth loving you
just release the past
cause i be trynna get to you‚ but i don’t get a chance
just give me a chance
i swear to god that loving you is gonna be my stance
i would commit suicide
if you just walk away and leave from my side
girl i really try
i can leave you alone so you can decide

- versuri nick andree

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