closer - mudvayne

Te rog, așteaptă...


here’s to the closing door
here’s to just one more
here’s to all the d-mned
here’s to the bloodshed

cant leave it alone, wont let me forget
rip off the bandage, and tear out the st-tch
fed like a pig, off the sh-t in the dish
shrouded in burlap left for dead in the ditch
so callous so cold, colors expose
the death of love as we know it
the death or trust in us let go

it’s getting closer all the time.
i’m slipping farther all the time.
i’m getting stronger all the time. i’m feeling so weak inside.
i’m feeling better all the time. i’m slipping farther all the time.
it’s getting harder all the time, feels like i’m losing my mind.

tied to the tracks and cursing the name.
whiteout the thought, stare blank in the rain.
lethal and used, cast out and worthless.
befriending the foes, deception commence.
so callous so cold, colors exposed.
the death of life as we know it.
the death of mirth in us let go


little pigs little pigs let me come in, not by the hair on your chinny chin chin chin
then i’ll beat and i’ll pound and i’ll bash your f-ckin brains in
here’s to the splintered door
here’s to you no more

[chorus 2x]

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