versuri 0 to 100 - montana of 300

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[verse 1: montana of 300]
i go 0 to 100 n-gga real quick
all these weak rappers man i had to hit the k!ll switch
bet i see them mills’ with no deal that’s the real l1ck
i am more than drill b-tch, i am more than sk!ll b-tch
i only talk that real sh-t and all i know is k!ll sh-t
i am more than ill, motherf-ckers call me real sick
n-ggas get the chills when i step out on the field b-tch
i ain’t never lackin’ n-gga not even a lil’ bit
gucci on my waist, n-gga you know where the steel sit
understand this rapper not a actor i ain’t will smith
so if you judge me wrong it’s rip to uncle phil b-tch
40 bus’ yo -ss like a mothaf-ckin’ field trip
smoke a n-gga, turn him into fire marshall bill quick
leave a n-gga sleeping quicka’ than a nyquil
shoulda’ cut a n-ggas throat with a blade give him gill slits
poke a n-gga, soak a n-gga on some navy seal sh-t
n-ggas know i been sick, n-ggas know i been raw
and on these tracks i go stupid like a send off
and you ain’t f-ckin’ with me and even all of your homies know
that i infect two n-ggas with polio with this holy ghost
when that holy ghost drops i promise imma’ rock the nation
it’s a biblical, lyrical, rocket launchin’ proclamation
tell my haters i said f-ck em’ they can’t stop the operation
tell the ops i’m not a doctor, therefore i ain’t got the patience [patients]
and the piece be on a n-gga like as-salamu alayk-m
on they seven combination the darkest abomination
every time a chopper spray sh-t take away from population
and i ask her for forgiveness, yeah, but hold that conversation
not a christian, muslim, mason and never ridin’ with satan
a relationship with god is my number one obligation
and, if i’m not mistakin’, i swear all of y’all was hatin’
hope like h-ll that i don’t make it up until i drop that chiraq
now they wanna’ d-ck ride, do that till’ they climax
old b-tches poppin’ up, nah we can’t rewind that
old homies poppin’ up, we can’t get that time back
these other rappers’ minds will never be where my mind’s at
labels on my heels bout’ a deal, i ain’t buyin’ that
show me ten mill’, then show me where i sign at
n-gga i know my worth i swear you n-ggas shoulda’ stayed in school
i got em’ hatin’ more than ice offa’ paid in full
rip my n-gga sonny, i be on some mix sh-t
they took my n-gga from us uh, right before christmas
d-mn, now my niece got a daddy on the wish list
and santa can’t bring him back, sh-t he can’t even get gifts
so i’m goin’ hard with this music sh-t till’ i get rich
hey sonny, yo i got you, sh-t good as god is my witness
hatred is contagious and jealousy is a sickness
watch everybody and ain’t no tellin’ who on that b-tch sh-t
sam’s club baby, n-ggas know we totin’ big sh-t
ak47’s and mac-11’s with big clips
when i c-ck it back it look like i’m drivin’ a stick shift
them choppa’s chop a n-gga to crop more n-ggas than pic st-tch
slid on a n-gga for rappin’, talkin’ that sl1ck sh-t
bang, bang, put two in that [w]rapper just like a twix b-tch
this rap sh-t is my sixth sense, rappers notice eviction
i am hip-hop’s redemption, can’t you feel the suspension, n-gga?

- versuri montana of 300

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