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premier - mellowhype

Te rog, așteaptă...


[hodgy beats]
yo – first impression judge like i’m judge judy
pretty face, big lips, stacked to hip booty
she make me wanna doobie doo like scooby
an area in her treasure chest, move inside the rubies
i need the yello, hype, mellow
shirley, temple, girlie ain’t ghetto
drive automatic and shifts on the stick
drive a nice ride and, rides a nice d-ck
crystal louboutin, red bottom, black bow
had two sleeves, let her tattoo show
there’s no limit to her, she’s irrational
peep my crunch cause i be cappin hoes
i’m the captain, hoes overlap big foes
my game is in her world, call it caption closed
cause i would never leave her, after i came
she fixin up her weave before she give me some brain

[chorus: repeat 2x]
this is her premier – and she walkin down the runway
model c-ke bottle, i gotta have her one day
this is her premier – and i’m watchin from the sidelines
i gotta have it so i’m followin the guidelines

[hodgy beats]
she’s a feminist though she’s feminine
i take the rainbow, she eat my m&m’s
we’re better lovers than we are f-ckin friends
in magazine holding hands, we’re a loving trend
and girl i won’t stop until the loving ends
and i won’t turn on you unless your loving bends
you hang with guys but i ain’t trippin on your friends
cause i opened up your eyes and took off the covered lends
uhh, now you see what’s real
and when you touch you can see what you feel
and when we meet i don’t sting like an eel
but i make your -ss clap like a seal
tossin and turnin in the king size
make me wanna take a bit out of this king size
when i say open up, girl i mean wide
i got a sweet tooth – you want a cream pie?
ha ha ha!


[hodgy beats]
you’ve got swagger, d-mn you’ve got swagger
i try your fruit out, then i want to bag ya
but first baby girl i’ve got a purchase
let me try you out to see if you’re worth it

[repeat verse slowed down]

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