p2 - mellowhype

Te rog, așteaptă...

(feat. earl sweatshirt)

[verse 1: hodgy beats]
we was kids when we first met, i can’t forget
when we met, i took a breath, i recollect we took a step
together, unison, i was a bad boy, a hooligan
now junior went, i’m full of sin
speaking poetry to your innocence, dividend indifferent
‘bout deliberate relations ‘cause she know a n-gg- ignorant
like bull’s eye, i grew with the wind
and forget about the sh-t, pretend like it never happened
just friends or belligerent enemies sending false
energy to belly feeds to the fire of the pedigree
life’s a b-tch in the seventies, to the
third degree and i ain’t got a job, but sh-t it works for me
she love the fact that i live driving on the edge
purposely, money ain’t for degree, but it’s worth a c
i go blind for that little light of mine
keep it cited, ma, and i’m a let it shine

[hook: hodgy beats]
even though we have our own
problems and differences
i still f-ck
with you
even though we had our own
fallouts, we pitchin’ fits
i still f-ck
with you

[verse 2: hodgy beats]
i was never a motherf-cker to want beef
until you went and put my sh-t out in the front streets
yeah, i sold drugs. n-gg-, what heat?
yeah, i stole sh-t, sold it in the streets, i’m a go-getter
never jealous of a n-gg-, gotta stack my money
steal another n-gg- figures
i don’t need a f-cking chain, b-tch i’m here to gain that
b-tch, i need f-cking ring, where [?] at?
we all call this here a game cause we in it for the same
in it for the funds, throw a little buns
listen to the [?] smoke inside your lungs
get a little drunk, got your b-tch speaking tounges
have a little offspring, nba wouldn’t support it
known if we was broke, clinic woulda got aborted
work now play now a n-gg- runnin’ offense
b-tch, i’m in miami and i’m swimming with the dolphins

[hook x2]

[verse 3: earl sweatshirt]
i don’t like going sober to the hospital
sh-t only make me nauseous, i’m not with it
so i’m out front parked in a car with a
few of my n-gg-s hard getting foggy, yeah
last year, i ain’t know what the cost of a coffin was
so now i’m often buzzed in the apartment b-mmin’
looking for new chords and a larger nugget
i’m the stars above me when i spark and tug this
far from hard, but i’m a snarl in public
cause we large in numbers, trash wang
wolf gang, we the clique, not a stain on me, ho
not a fray in a knit, in the car with the work
now, real n-gg- quiet while the talking occurs
feel like i’m flying when i’m off from the herb
f-ck ‘em all, let the army disperse
know the swamp lay ‘em all in the dirt
had to stop, re–ssess some agendas
tad bit sicker than the rest of the clinic
maybe head up, sending threats to your henchmen
we the best, period, the end of the sentence
roughneck putting paws to the pavement
lane switch, i’m a blow haze ‘till i can’t think
shrink told me i should learn how to pace this
big homie told me, “nah, n-gg-, take this.”
shots ’till my d-mn liver hates me
momma saying that she knowing that i need help
nah, on the highway to hades with my
motherf-ckin’ seatbelt off

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