versuri 0-100/the catch up (remix) - mc wave

Te rog, așteaptă...

[verse 1]
i’m back to wreak havoc, back on the wack rap
tickin’ tacs for tats that aren’t deserved for one’s showin’
who’s flows stolen? better yet who is the motherf-cken mc claimin’ his sh-t is motherf-cken golden, never rose in
d rose is the worst player for mayor, sh-t who am i to hate on my lord christ in savoir
beware of xavier, switchin’ pitchin’ behaviors
dispersion verses wit curses for certain
ignorin’ the pain even though the feelin’ will worsen
we just keep on hurtin’
movin’ groovin’ proovin’ haters wrong they ain’t finna rap along to dis song
my flows undeniable just like virgin lips
i’ll show em how to do this step by step
tip by tip
but i’d rather not cause when the mic drops ma rap stops then fans caps lock when they put me in a box my sh-t gon flop
f-ck that, this rap is my own religion
my call, i could punch a wall make hieroglyphics like i’m egyptian
you tried but didn’t divide the vision of my division
inside my skin it’s kinda frigid, my own lyrics are stylistically cryogenic
christ, it’s crisis a crime you witness
3 pages in and i ain’t done yet
come catch me off set like offset
you upset cause ya girl want me and not you, well isn’t that a loose screw; blew your chance
go blow off some steam outside hyperventilate while i stay high just to prevent to be late
nowadays n0body knows what’s at stake but i’m making bails i shall prevail like a millionaire who beats the case
adults beefin’ creating more drama than trump did with obama like are y’all in high school? then again i’m in high school, sh-t ain’t cool for me
so can everybody please grow the f-ck up
aquaman’s high off the white out
yep, i can tell what the rest of the nights about
n-ggas do anything for fame it’s a shame even if it means k!llin’ a star’s bright clout shaking my head, really is that what it’s all about?
writer’s block is forbidden neva kidden
strip club at vegas, all i’m seeing is kittens thrown at my face
stuck in my own sp-ce ayo
money, money, dolla bills hunnies holla for real
kudos to people who have millions and know how that sh-t feels
ya’ll really doin’ it big, i dig ya livin’ ya best life
oh that’s nice, seeing my idols on the tv knowin’ ima be next but raps a test cause many others running for the same contest
let’s take it back now
i’m jumping out the windows went from 0 to a 100 in a f-cken limo
till i had sh-t on limits now new n-ggas really playin’ limbo, quick somebody get these weirdos aye aye
went from n0body hittin’ me up till instagram models all in my dm
workin’ late pm through early morning, motherf-ckers boring
they ain’t sh-t compared to me, yeah ring the alarm
you say i’m lucky cause i got the charms
don’t tell me i won’t gun em down on site
yeah right, we’ll see differences between inter-scopes
went from doing nothing productive now my lyrics seductive
oh my god, can you believe it? i see no plan b so c your way outta my sight
before -ssumptions, get the facts right

and all through the night

[verse 2]
all through the night, we gonna party standing our own grounds
that’s a two man army, okay now you got it. copy
oh yeah
i try to separate my dreams from reality to get cream, they sip lean
my god, what is the good life really supposed to be?
i just out rapped a man, he was only 23
that’s when i truly realized god gave me a gift and those f-ckers who show no love before are most likely gonna shift now
but, i see it as nothing
i am something, i’m gonna drift off
lift off, don’t you dare do some sh-t that gets me p-ssed off
tilt softly uncontrollably, 8 pages in and still no record deal for me
jesus, when they gonna start to see what i see?
let those bums over there who didn’t care, be deceased
you have awoken a beast outta his sleep
he’s terrorized typify characterized aquaman exempify diversity
h-lla life experience epitomized go to a university
this f-cken world man sucks like h-ll
it’s sh-tty, cannot deal wit the pity nitty gritty sh-t people bring
my past constructed the man, i’am today
present actions is a way coping from the pain to get away

leaving people confused somewhat amused with facts that i’m completely different
keep cookin’ in the kitchen
no more sneak dissin’ and be original knowing someone out there will f-cken listen (ayo, leggo)

depression, f-ck depression
f-ck anxiety, anxiety
traumatized, f-ck, traumatized
nervousness, f-ck nervousness
unhappy, f-ck, unhappy
f-ck hate

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