911 am (rudy giuliani) - mc lars

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[9-11-01 news report audio]

[doctor popular:]
this is not a bomb it’s a bike, i can ride it where i like
ride it late at night, everything’s all right
it’s alright if you thought that tire would explode
but at 80 psi, the chances would be low
thought it was a bomb, discovered you were wrong
decided to carry on, out of fear
that’s what i hear
when cops lock innocents up for a year

[mc lars:]
this is not a bomb it’s a mic i can rock it when i like
rip it late at night everything’s alright
it’s alright if you thought that my record would explode
105 bpm the chance would be low
knew it was the bomb, killed it all night long
decided to carry on, make it / make it clear
at least that’s what you hear
i crash lyrics into buildings 9-11 every year
is it in good taste? well that’s still unclear

9-11, 9-11
9-11, 9-11
9-11, giuliani!

[doctor popular:]
this is not a bomb it’s a shirt, but i could see how
blinky leds and batteries could seem scary
on the inside is some circuitry
i made it myself but don’t get mad at me
look, i’m not trying to be a pain
i’m just picking up my friend from the luggage claim
and now they’ve took down my social, birthdate and name
cops got me locked up, got me detained

this is not a bomb its an iphone
i put it in my pocket right when i left home
this little thing? not a bomb either
it’s an ipod and these are the speakers
no i didnt hide a dirty bomb in my sneakers
that powder isn’t meth ’cause i’m not a tweaker
this is not a bomb it’s a tube of toothpaste
but i’ll throw it out and let it go to waste
i gotta pitch the water? but i’m so thirsty!
can i take a sip and then put it in her purse please?
put in my backpack? don’t give me flak
my eyes aren’t shifty do i look like a maniac?
that’s not a bomb that’s my underwear
and i don’t want a bomb so close to down there
and yea that’s my weiner thanks for the pat down
i guess i’ll have to board the plane in a clear nightgown

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