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transcendental reunion - mary chapin carpenter

Te rog, așteaptă...

transcendental reunion

from 20,000 feet
i saw the lights below me
twinkling just like christmas
we descended slowly

and the curve of the world p-ssed
with all of that flying
above the mighty ocean
and now we all are arriving

grab the carry on baggage
join the herd for the mad run
take a place in the long line
where does every one come from?

as we shuffle on forward
as we wait for inspection
don’t be holding that line up
at the end lies redemption
oh oh, hey hey, ah ah

now i’m stamped and i’m waved through
i take up my position
at the mouth of the cannon
saying prayers of contrition

please deliver my suitcase
from all mischief and peril
now the sight of it circling
is a hymn to the faithful

forgive me for my staring, for my unconcealed envy
in the hall of arrivals where the great river empties

it’s hand carts and porters
all the people it carries
to be greeted with flowers
grandfathers and babies
oh oh, hey hey, ah ah

there is no one to meet me
yet i’m all but surrounded
by the tears and embracing
by the joy unbounded

the friends and relations
leaping over hemispheres
transcendental reunion
all borders vanish here

we are travelers traveling
we are gypsies together
we’re philosophers gathering
we are business or pleasure

we are going or coming
we’re just finding our way
to the next destination
and from night into day
oh oh, hey hey, ah ah,
oh oh, hey hey, ah ah

in a giant bird’s belly
i flew over the ocean
from 20,000 feet high
how those lights were glowing

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