my life - mark owen

Te rog, așteaptă...

won’t somebody tell me
just what’s going on
won’t somebody hear me
i can’t do right for wrong
won’t somebody help me
i feel i’ve come undone
there’s something going wrong
in my life
my life
she ripping out the heart
tearing me apart
my life
can anybody hold me
make everything alright
can anybody show me
how to numb the pain inside
get me through the night
baby’s turned the tide
of my life
my life
she’s ripping out the heart,
tearing me apart
pulling out the plug
i’m scarred from where she’s cut
my life
(she stole my soul
she cuts me up)
tearing up the pages
that i’m from
breaking up the ground
i walk upon
making my religion
and she can’t begin to understand
she cannot see
my life is in her hands

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