the beauty of who you are - marc broussard

Te rog, așteaptă...

there’s a soft sweet sp-ce on the back of your neck
smells like rain
there’s a way you look at me baby
heals my pain

i’ve studied every inch of your body
baby what’s on your mind
the touch of your skin just pulls me in
every single time

there’s a silent conversation
filled with hidden revelations in your eyes

baby i’m so into you
every whisper from your soul to my heart
baby i know its true
you’re a sweet little mystery sent to me from the stars
and that’s the beauty of who you are

there’s a faith you’re savin’ for a rainy day
i could use right now
there’s a way you move my soul to sing
only you know how
you are a sensual salvation
you’re the holiest temptation
baby i’m never, never, never gonna be the same


i can’t explain it or begin to conceive
all i know is that you make me believe


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