cherry dream - magnetic

Te rog, așteaptă...

let me tell ya’ll this story about this bunny,
i met on the humble homie looking for money
sh-t is funny high up sipping on henny,
friday night lean with that b—h name mi me
smoking a cig had to take a breath from the booth,
2 min’s later seen a smile missing tooth
we eye to eye homies but the eye’s are blurry,
sized her up nose got a whiff of some cherries
hip went off click back booth is calling,
“click click” what’s good homie why the f–k you stalling
moved to the right so i can breeze past shorty,
funny thing she moved with me started making me h-rny
nah man got money to get,
started to move shorty just grabed my uh
got to think not with the head she holding,
she lick on the neck dog then i started the moaning
“whoa” hold up shorty slow it down,
pump your brakes shorty it’s not going down
went on up stairs that episode stuck in the brain,
went up in the booth picture shorty giving me brains
murdered the mic you no how the god be doing it,
with a vivid picture of shorty in the pool naked
stepped out the booth smelled cherries all in the air,
follow the scented the sh-t lead me way don stairs
looked around shorty not even there,
f–k hoped in the whip throw the smoke in the air
jumped on central doing 60 straight to sneaky,
got it on the hip dog it’s that chick name mikki
a booty call you already no f–k sneaky,
went to mikki ya house to get me a quickie
bust a nut breeze headed back to sneaky,
jumped out the car dog stared smelling some cherries/
smelled myself all i do is smell blueberries,
with the scent of the dro blowing coming from mikki
stepped up in sneaky ya had to perform,
took a shot of the henny homies grab the mic got it on
the crowd going wild but i feel real funny,
like something bound to pop off started smelling some cherries
but from way deep seen a set of eye’s on me,
next thing i know somebody took a picture of me
the flash f–ked me up eye’s are blurry,
got taped on my arm the god p-ssing some henny
“whoa” started smelling that roamer,
made my way through the crowd then the scent got stronger
i know she here feel them eye’s burning my back,
like a crack head feening where the f–k she at
i search high and low shorty not even there,
them set of eye’s disappear but that scent in the air
i no i’m not dreaming this sh-t here feel to real,
stepped out of sneaky oh sh-t the god got killed

- versuri magnetic

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