versuri jitters - madchild

Te rog, așteaptă...

[matt brevner]

on the nightstand a half micky, crown royal
and like fifty f-ckin roaches wrapped in tin foil
empty nyquil, tylenol, 5 pills
cigarettes and some honey oil
half an ounce in the hash pipe
and no idea what the f-ck i did last night
but i don’t care cause i am no longer empathetic
to who i hurt including me myself and i forget it
i’m on a path towards destruction and i’m almost there
you coulda saved me last year when i almost cared
but f-ck it, i’m gone, the wall around my heart’s strong
ticker box, fort knox, i’m on lock
i’m sorry mamma, your only son’s a disappointment
i sold myself for gold watches
in the kitchen, joing in, laughin in the devils face
spittin at lucifer, crucifixing my demons
i’m shootin higher than jupiter “wow”

[dutch robinson]
keep on living, god’s forgiving
no more sorrow, today is tomorrow

they don’t understand my name
they all think that i’m insane
they all know i had it all but then i flushed it down the drain
things are moving way too slow
i have got too far to go
stick a gun inside my mouth and blow my brains to particles
used to have a heart of gold
flow it is still arctic cold, but now my plaques are rusty and i’m reading dusty articles
thoughts that rip my skull apart
i am selling sullen art
smart but hollow, hard to swallow, everything is dull and dark
listen you can understand my actions are irrational
sudden screams of shattered dreams of being international
problems with my past, i got problems with my cash flow
by now i should be humble, but i’m still a f-cking -ssh0l-
its mister mister mystifying, kicking rhymes, while fists are flying, gifted like its christmas time
i’m an artist with a business mind
harder than a prisoner’s mind
death defying visitors bl–dy wrists are drying

[dutch robinson]
keep on living, lives forgiving
no more sorrow, today is tomorrow

- versuri madchild

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