we got - ludacris

Te rog, așteaptă...

“we got”
(feat. chingy, i-20, t-ty boi)

dtp we got them guns that go…

yea i’m all about that pistol player, cold blooded killer
n-gg-s recognize my name, i dub the young dealer
you better tell ya man that with the gages i’m nice
ill shoot up you all white shirts until you all look like dice
but i’m through with all the talking time to show all you n-gg-s
i 2-0, i’m like j-lo…going through n-gg-s
dtp we ain’t playing if you try to get our pen
ak’s get to spraying like…
bottom line that mean i’m bout it, any n-gg- want it, doubt it
bust you in the broad day, on a street that’s fully crowded
find a hole inside your chest, just for thinking it’s rap
and tell that pretty b-tch thug we got some pretty big gats
chaka say i’m shot out, and i tend to agree
so you should watch what you saying if it’s intended for me
so be careful what you starting, let my fingers do the walking
and that uzi get to talking like…

[t-ty boi]
hammers, jam ’em, sn-tch ’em, grab ’em
can the an and f-ck ’em, d-mn ’em
press him, man him, scared him, teared him, kneed him up
bake him, take him, beat him up, i hate i hate, i eat him up
abcdef shawty is you a g or what
now it’s just me and my nuts, that’s all i got in this world
i’m pulling pistols out my stomach and throwing them b-tches up like earl
serving the club, head shot, scattered, covered, run, scram ’em
i’m 38, hot with a pearl handle…
and i’m throwing techs like a nba ref
i got, all gold guns like they came from i-raq
artillery, could it be i got all kinds of these pistols
i point my gun at ya homeboy make ya own folks h-t ya
and ain’t taking no more pictures, if you snap i’m gonna click
anyway, plus i got bullets in the clip the size of lil fate
and i’m webbing choppers like heli-copters
you gonna need h-lla doctors, when the glok go…

say on the set b-tch, better watch your lip that text be quick
20 over thurr, t-ty over thurr, luda over thurr, ain’t no exit trick
us you don’t mess with, we got them guns like action flicks
reload with the next clip, i’m the wrong n-gg- to flex with b-tch
come on and test this, my gun i’m having s-x with sh-t
put a bullet in (in) shoot it out, got them long h-rns like texas b-tch
look at my necklace, maybe hit a n-gg- disrespect this click
my pistol grip sound like this…now what
who want that they f-cked, when i c-ck and load the cake, bust bust
you all cowards play tough, and my peeps we come to spray stuff up
you all lives made up, like ugly hoes with make-up bra
we’ll suit you up then toss yo -ss in the lake tough nut
my wrist rocky, like sylvester stallone
so thurr for you should invest, in a vest for ya dome
cause i know you marks planning on getting me when i’m landing
beast the nick, but my cannon go…

f-ck a medic, we gonna call yo -ss a taxi cab
bleeding so hard you’ll need a life size maxi pad
so flip the script and tell your woman its your time of the month
ak 47 for the n-gg-s who’s really looking for heaven and a 9 for you chumps
got killers in my squad and i’m the nicest one in my group
but i got bananas for you n-gg-s and i ain’t talking bout fruit
i’ll peel your cap back with the black mack
till your back crack, c-ck the gat back like…clak clak clak
swallow a hallow make ’em digest with a 50 caliber
yo futures not looking so good, tomorrows not on your calendar
i, do away with the amateurs, they breathing too long
ill leave ’em coughing like the sound effects you hear in this song
my shotguns are cold and hard, but my desert is easy
and my triggers are always talking about some squeeze me, squeeze me
and for these fakers talking greasy, i’m starting the show
my uzi got a drum roll, it goes…

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