authentic - lucid aka tim richards

Te rog, așteaptă...

let me articulate my authenticity
then start to stimulate, your thoughts and your inner state
of mind, do you mind if i ventilate?
had some sh-t that’s in the way, but nothing on my dinner plate
i’m trying to eat, but i’m still slimmin weight
a renegade just north of everglades, no escalades
riding round in hoopties, truly praying on destinations
i’m weighing out medications, waiting on revelations
the way out is occupied by the aimless, its rarely vacant
so i take it, one step at a time, and it’s time that i еmbrace it
face it with an open mind and a closеd fist
yeah you know this, do what it takes to stay focused
spitting back since 06
been running in the cycle, i got aching joints
but push me to the tip, and ill reach my breaking point
making poison in a wine glass, stare off in a spy glass
in search of better land or to help the f-cking time pass
its just a time lapse, lucid

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