versuri 0 - lon3.

Te rog, așteaptă...

[verse 1 yungdank]
i’m sinnin’ i’m winnin’
don’t limit my vision, i won’t stop without it
i do this sh-t for the clout and the money
there’s no one above me
my flow is so wavy, don’t need a durag
foreverlon3 and thats 3 for my gang
she swinging both ways, i call that yin yang, yeah (aye)
that’s my ritual
i can see without a visual
third eye wide, i’m spiritual
this b-tch here bad, she all the way live
and i give her my time and the outcome be better
[the sight on my sniper dot red, yeah]
she give me top just to keep me ahead
i take her down to sin city, she sinning like

i can take you down to sin city
show you a couple of things
now that i got you tipsy
now we can get down to business
tell me if you down, yeah
tell me if you down
tell me of you down, yeah

[verse 2 tyysn]
got this straight out the dealer
confessing her love in two-seater
she claimin’ she love, i don’t need her
forgetting our past, she a cheater
you don’t know where i been before
you been blowing up my phone
drinking too much, feeling empty
drunken texts these convo’s get deep
got her in her a feeling oh no
we making all this fetti with my bro’s
n-gg-s acting like i owe you
celebrations for the old you
i don’t have time for you enemies
tryna f-ck around my energy
i’m in your town yeah i do the most
come to your spot, girl you should’ve known


[verse 3 awfuloner]
i desire fire on my attire
and all money wired
and a glacier on my wrist
as white as the snow
power like lion a lannister
respect my juice in a canister
i got a vision
so i gotta break my inhibitions
this my cut and we getting that buku
draped in all white yeah that fubu light
but i ain’t gon’ save her
light i’m cut light saber
i could never be me without her
good thing i’m not me in this fur
ooh i’m looking mean in this fur
no beef lookin’ lean
watch my walk, talk
not basic i don’t flock


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