don't flop drops - loe pesci

Te rog, așteaptă...

[intro: loe pesci]
yo what’s good man, it’s your boy loe pesci, og hindu kush 
don’t flop drops, let’s go
uh, check it, yeah, mm

[verse: loe pesci]
i  order breakfast like i custom my gl-sses
pancake  polo frames colored chunky mol-sses
tall stack give you blurry vision
that  means bigger weapons bigger kitchen custom-seasoned curry chicken
ruffle feathers in a bird collision
they come together with red paste, then checkmate, turmeric pimping
baby angel cake nice, her brain rock the halo
in  and out her oven monte carlo hot potato
matching pair of 4’s, cream and cranberry sauce
pure silk merch milk like dairy farms
keep a ho in the garden, -ss very large
plant trees for relief she smoke cherry bombs
-ss very large, -ssets in many forms
t-tanium évian, pellegrino and pérignon
ice denim proof, yeah you bet it’s on
feeling like vishnu with a bird on every arm
seared herring probably [?] and some bread
whales to bigger hens any choice was his to get
plus he think fast thanks to voices in his head
and it drip onto the sheet like her oyster on a bed
uh, court-side with a indian broad, att-tude real sh-tty and raw
that face almost make all that b-tching worth getting involved
type of b-tch get you arrested and robbed
say word, her red timbs say the wizard of oz, her backyard say the city of god, mmh
and no offense to all our christian fans
she make me blow up on myself like the missile pad when the trigger jam
j-zz my pants without giving a stripper cash
the outcome a little different from original plans
it’s in the book if that b-tch cook you give the chick a chance
unless we talking thriller mask and gorilla hands
i’m going ham and avocado on brazilian -ss
smell funky it don’t mean the chicken’s bad
tush bubbly good money like gazillionaires
step ya’ whole life game up, i bring the stairs
chicks you used to hang with don’t even holla back
umbrella pop, shirt for girls and a [?] hat
when i say we got her branded she drop the pants
agl triangle, is on that -ss

[outro: loe pesci]
loe pesci
don’t flop drops

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