0 to 100 remix - lns aon

Te rog, așteaptă...

[verse 1]
lyrically i’m on that k!ll sh-t
i’m on that rappers make your will sh-t
i’m on that wish a n-gga wou~ld but i don’t think these n-ggas will sh-t
swear i couldn’t believe it when i heard them bullets hit ’em-
know his people closer to him but
sh-t thats still my n-gga-
heal up quicker
yeah i said it heal up quicker-
for yo’ girl, rest yo’ fam’ly, most importantly yo’ children-
n-ggas lie more than the news
gossip make me sick, and ya’ll n-ggas got the flu-
and i hate a germ, man
like a motherf-cking jew
now that all the ??? gone y’all don’t know what the f-ck to do-
cake to a mu’f-ckin k!ller
knew some bad hoes coulda swore they was brazillian
now them hoes zombies they dont even look familiar
lookin like they could’ve been some extras up in thriller-
this for my team, n-gga ain’t no i in us
my uncle pee wee taught me n-gga never hide or run
f-ck if they don’t like us but
i don’t think they like us much
probly ain’t been likin’ us since stealing bikes and icee cups-
cause i spit harder than a preacher giving sermons-
while yo auntie speak in tongues and you grandmama worship-
you a civic i’m a suburban or excursion when i’m swerving-
but i made my own lane
so i do this sh-t on purpose-

[hook 1]
i go 0 to 100 n-gga real quick
real quick
whole squad on that real sh-t
0 to 100 n-gga real quick
-nothing else to say- n-gga
0 to 100 n-gga real quick
real quick
whole squad on that real sh-t
0 to 100 n-gga real quick
real quick
real f-cking quick n-gga

[verse 2]
his drive crazy, how could they doubt him
‘he ain’t the greatest’ how the f-ck they soundin’
he’s wastin’ bars these coulda made the album
my sh-t so crazy it could do without ’em
it’s more to life than ??? think bigger-
all these n-ggas sendin’ shots
i don’t even drink liquor-
think this sh-t a game boy?
look, life is not a pickup-
and to make it even worse
most you n-ggas won’t get picked up
cause you outta line like a c0kehead when the c0ke gone-
gotta nice d-ck she can blow on-
when she need air i tell her blow on-
yeah my flow cold yeah its so cold i might article you a snowcone
n-ggas puttin’ all this trash out cut f-ckin’ up the ozone
they don’t want war they ain’t neva been no soldiers-
they just sellin’ wolf tickets i don’t f-ck with minnesota-
keep a banger for protection prayin’ y’all don’t make me blow it-
i just wanna raise my daughter swear i just can’t wait to hold her-
like a father who don’t care
this a f-ckin’ dead beat-
wanna buy the poorest country? make sure e’rybody eat
f-ck some bands i want a mansion where the billionaires sleep-
you think it’s small you tryina sell beats i’m tryina sell beats (b-tch)

[hook 2]
0 to 100 n-gga real quick
real quick
whole squad on that real sh-t
0 to 100 n-gga real quick
real quick
real f-cking quick n-gga

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