looking for a reason - little big town

Te rog, așteaptă...

lookin’ for to make some sense out of nothin’
lookin’ for the hunger to hang on
lookin’for to know if you’re really worth it
lookin’ for a reason not to be gone

your signs are fadin’, baby
i can’t read ’em anymore
can’t you see where i’m standin’, baby
i got one foot out the door
you better show me somethin’ fast
’cause my patience for you ain’t gonna last


if ther ain’t nothin’ there
well, that’s my time your wastin’
if you say you’re givin’ all you’ve got
well, that’s my chain your yankin’
love is on a slippery slope
barely hangin’ on at the end of my rope


so tell me what you’re gonna do keep me around
and baby, whatever it is you better do it now, now, now


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